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Why is there more than one price?

The price of this card is based on the cost of the featured item.

If you would like to further your impact through Oxfam’s life-changing work, you can do so by donating more.

What is the difference between each type of card?

Blank Card: We’ll send the card to you so you can write in it yourself then give it to a friend. Or you don’t have to write in it. You could draw a picture. Whatever floats your boat.

Printed card: You type in your message here and we’ll send it to your friend. You don’t even have to see them!

E-card: We’ll e-mail the card to your loved one! (The format of our e-cards are not suitable for printing.)

I do not require a card: We’ll send you a receipt, but no card. Because you just said you do not require a card.