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$460 to support farmers raising chickens

A Pair of Goats

$600 to provide farmer a pair of goats

10 Ducks

$460 to support farmers raising ducks

Let It Bee

$600 support farmer to receive training on beekeeping.

Christmas is around the corner! Oxfam invited local brand SHIBAINC to the Empowerment Farm to experience what it’s like to be a farmer and learn about how the climate crisis is exacerbating poverty.

Your generous support will empower farmers to improve their livelihoods and be more resilient in the face of climate change. Donate now to improve the lives of farmers around the world!

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Thanks the people like you. Oxfam Unwrapped is helping to transform the lives of people living in poverty by providing access to education, clean water and other life-changing essentials.

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