Flag Design Stories

Local popular illustrators Jentle-cat x Family Wu designed a set of eight flags, which feature the people we work with and what we do.

Story of Low-Wage Workers:

Despite working hard, many low-wage workers – including cleaners and security guards – continue to experience poverty. Jentle-cat is their guardian, and is striving with OHK for better working conditions and policies to protect them through OHK’s advocacy work.

Story Subdivided Flat Residents:

Most people living in subdivided flats not only live in cramped spaces, but also earn a meagre income. Jentle-cat supports them with OHK by meeting their needs and distributing Oxfam Rice!

Story of the Elderly:

The elderly who live alone and live in poverty are often lonely. Jentle-cat joined OHK and its partner’s service matching scheme, and is making seniors smile again after accompanying them to doctor’s visits and helping them clean and cook!

Story of Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students:

The lack of proficiency in Chinese often bars NCS children from gaining access to the same opportunities as their Chinese-speaking peers. This limits their educational and career opportunities and leave them in poverty. Jentle-cat is now helping NCS kids learn Chinese through OHK’s ‘Start from the Beginning’ scheme!

Story of Women:

In poor rural areas, girls often drop out of school because of child marriage and child labour. Missing the opportunity to study affects their whole life as it affects their livelihoods further down the line. That’s why Jentle-cat and Mrs. Wu are fighting hard for the employment of women and the right of girls to study, so they not only better understand their civil rights, but also gain valuable skills!

Story of Children

To support children experiencing poverty, Jentle-cat and OHK are providing high-quality basic education and opportunities for kids to reach their full potential. These initiatives include training in art, nature activities, mental health education, musical activities, and reading storybooks!

Story of Farmers:

Despite toiling in the soil, many small farmers do not have enough to eat, and live in poverty. That’s why Jentle-cat is working with communities to set up seed banks and improve their yields through innovative tools, high-quality seeds and technical support!

Story of Refugees:

Climate disasters have become more frequent in recent years, and have profoundly affected the lives of poor communities. Jentle-cat has joined one of OHK’s humanitarian responses and is providing emergency supplies to refugees, including clean water, food, and hygiene kits!

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